Schools may send Official Transcripts to the same P.O. Box as the application

Professional Letters of Recommendation must be signed and on letterhead

Personal Letters of Recommendation must be signed

Applications for the Fall   2020 Semester will be accepted starting June 15, 2020


ALL applications and corresponding documents must be RECEIVED  by August 1, 2020.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

  • Mention how you know the person about whom you are writing, as well as how long you’ve know them.

  • If writing a personal reference, be sure to give specific moral and personal traits.

  • If writing an academic reference, be sure to discus the applicants qualities as a student.


  • Remember that the applicant is not supposed to see the contents of the letter, seal it in an envelope or send it in separately.

  • Make sure to sign and date the letter.

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