Lori Derby - Director

Lori joined EFCONG's Board Directors in 2004, and immediately became a member of the Awards Committee, which involves application review and scoring.  In addition to her Awards Committee responsibilities, she chairs the EFCONG Silent Auction Committee.  Over the past three decades, Lori has held the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary for several business-related organizations and, most recently, she was secretary for the United Veterans Coalition of Colorado, which serves retired and active-duty military in numerous capacities.


As a business owner, Lori specializes in digital transcription for the film and video industry, corporations, individuals and research.  In her free time she loves to cook, garden, and pamper her three boys, Mark (her boyfriend,) Samson (a 70-pound Aussie/Collie mix,) and J.J. (a 3.25-ounce Cockatiel, with a 5-pound attitude.)

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