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The following items must be included with your application:


1) Most recent Official Transcript of high school credits, or for applicants already in institutions of higher learning, a current Official Transcript of college credits or trade school.


2) An Essay to include a discussion of the following:

          a) State your current goals and desire to continue your education and what personally motivates you to pursue further education.


          b) Your need of financial assistance. Being as specific as possible, explain your financial situation relating to paying for school. This would include that of any parents/guardians if they are contributing to your support or the cost of your education as well as any sources of financial help including loans, employment, scholarships, or any other sources of financial aid.


          c) Create a statement of your commitment to academic excellence. If your previous grades were less than optimal, explain why, and what your plans are to improve. If you are taking advanced courses or your curriculum is difficult, point this out and explain the circumstances.


          d) Explain your current situation. This includes your course choices relating to your chosen degree or career. If your major or goals change, explain. This application must be current. Return applicants discuss all changes in your goals, financial need, and/or academic record since your last application or award. Resubmission of an old application will not be accepted. Less value may be given to any and all portions of an application that are virtually the same in previously submitted application.


3) One (1)signed and dated letter of recommendation that states how and the circumstances under which the writer knows the applicant, giving specific moral and personal traits and observations that led the writer to these conclusions. These can come from community leaders, ministers, educators, etc. and should be someone who has had ample opportunity to observe the conduct and character of the applicant.


4) One (1) signed, dated, letterhead letter of academic reference from a principal, counselor, teacher, Dean or professor not related to the applicant who has currently had the opportunity to observe first-hand the applicant’s drive and application to academic studies. Less weight may be given letters previously submitted. Letters must be current (within the last year) and be signed and dated by the individual making the recommendation. Less weight may be given to resubmitted letters. Copies of e-mails are not acceptable, but scanned or faxed letters with a date, signature, and letterhead when applicable are acceptable.



5) Proof of military service by you or your sponsor: For retirees, Form NGB22. For Current Military – a copy of your current (no more than 3 months old) leave and earnings statement. To protect your privacy, please black out your SSN on any documents submitted. Please indicate how, where, and when you heard about this Grant:

Below are sections that can be given to individuals you are asking to write you a Letter of Recommendation, to provide them with additional information regarding what the EFCONG Grant Committee hopes to see in the document.


The Education Foundation for the Colorado National Guard asks that you consider the following requests when writing a Letter of Recommendation for one of our Grant Applicants. We appreciate your time and consideration in fulfilling these requests. 

  • All Letters of Reference must be signed and dated within the last 6 months. 


  • The Letter of Recommendation must establish how the writer knows the applicant (Please do not use a ‘standard’ Recommendation Letter…the Grant Committee looks for updated information in each submission regarding the Applicant’s performance and progress).


  • The academic reference must be on school letterhead and speak to the applicant's scholastic traits and abilities.


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